Church Projects

Mayway is a Christian based company which specialises in working with church clients right from inception to completion.  We have a special understanding of how various church groups operate and we are sympathetic to their needs.  We are flexible and are able to phase work on site to suit individual church finances and are often involved with projects years before actual work begins.  We are experienced with all sizes and types of church projects having built or worked on over 60 individual church buildings over the last 25 years.  We are considerate to the environment and are used to working with English Heritage, Conservation Officers and Archaeological surveyors.

Mayway at work (sub_features/church-progress-2.jpg)We are able to offer a full Design and Construct service or can alternatively work with the clients own Architects and tender for the projects.  Mayway have a vast experience in building churches, and we are able to use our buildability skills to provide functional facilities within financial budgets without compromising quality.  Mayway is committed to quality both in workmanship and materials. In design terms we aim to make each church building a focal point in its own right, whilst unobtrusively complementing the existing features of the locality.  We aim to reflect the character and vision of each specific church community in an active use of space which fully yields the right form of accommodation to meet everyday or special needs.  Mayway have much to offer in an advisory capacity as we are well versed in specific priorities of individual denominations.

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